How we pay content creators selling on BentBox


This is an important document and it explains how BentBox pays content creators. Please read it carefully.


Buyers can purchase Boxes using these forms of payment:

  • With Credit Cards (through Verotel, SecurionPay and Paysafe)
  • With any gift card from many major brands (Target, StarBucks, etc). Read more about converting Gift Cards to BentBucks.
  • With a local bank transfer in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD
  • With paysafecard Prepaid Cards
  • With NeoSurf Prepaid Cards
  • With Bitcoin


Sellers are paid every month with the following PayOut options:

  • Bank transfer as a local direct deposit or international transfer depending on your location
  • Bitsafe
  • Amazon Gift Card


When receiving a bank transfer, your PayOut will be in the currency of your bank account.


A. Payment of Boxes


The buyer sends a single payment to us. Your payment is added to your PayOuts and it will be processed in the first 7 business days of every month. You can keep track of your payments in your PayOuts page.

PayOuts are calculated in EUR and paid in the currency of your account depending on the availability by the banks. The payment is processed from EUR to the currency of your bank account (e.g. USD, CAD, AUD, etc).

The individual PayOuts are calculated in EUR using the currency conversion rate at the time of sale.

PayOuts are calculated two days before the end of the month.


B. PayOuts


PayOuts are processed once they reach a minimum of $100 USD. If, at the end of the month, your PayOut doesn’t reach $100 USD, the amount owed to you is carried over to the following month.

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