What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans was launched in 2016, and during 2020 it became a global phenomenon. This platform, which works as a subscription service, allows users to upload content and earn money because personal followers can pay to view it. At the moment, most of the creators of OnlyFans are models who create adult content, for which this guide is intended. Unlike other adult platforms, OnlyFans accepts ALL GENRES, even groups or couples.

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How does OnlyFans work?

This portal works like the social network Twitter, but it also has a security system thanks to which followers can access paid content.

What does this platform contain?

Users can find all kinds of publications related to health, food, fitness …, but the boom of the platform is due to the fact that users can create and sell content for adult audiences such as videos and xxx photos.

What the Onlyfans platform offers you.

This platform gives you the opportunity to create content that can then be sold. The platform also offers the possibility to chat directly with followers through a private chat. In this private chat you can send and receive photos and videos.

How can you use this platform?

To use this platform, you will first need to create an Onlyfans account.
Anyone over 18 can use this platform and become a content creator. Once you have created the account to be validated, you will have to take a photo with the identity document and then take a selfie with your phone to confirm your identity.
Once your identity has been confirmed, the account is validated. For more details we have a tutorial (How to create an Onlyfans account).

It is necessary to verify your identity only if you are going to sell content, if instead you want to be just one more user (normal), you only ask for an email, username and password.

How to make money with Onlyfans?

To make money with this platform you must have two basic things – followers and content – content that you will sell through monthly subscriptions to your followers.
To become a Content Creator you must first create and upload different materials such as photos and videos to your account – this way you can get followers (content creator = Users who earn money) (SOON a new tutorial on this topic).

In the beginning you should have at least 10 images and 1 video before you start marketing. Of course, more is always better, as potential subscribers can see how many images and videos you have before subscribing.

Remember that the price is unique (for access to all published content) and you should start with a minimum price and later, depending on the amount of content you accumulate, but ALSO the number of subscribers, you should raise the price LITTLE to LITTLE of the subscription.

Finally, we recommend creating a personalized profile for your chaturbate account, in which you should put the link to your OnlyFans account. With this action, you can get to sell more content.

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